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You have no time to find your own content for your business’ social media and you recognise the need to have your business’ social media filled with fresh content.  You’re interested in someone – me :) - finding you the content and writing the posts, but you’re reluctant to learn how upload it to the platforms.  

If the prospect of spending any time uploading content simply doesn’t appeal then I can do it for you.

Posting third-party content on your business’ social media platforms is a valuable way to build trust and add value to your prospective clients.  By sharing relevant content of interest to your clients, alongside engagement and created content, you will gain trust in your brand, build a following with whom you have rapport. So that when they need the services you offer, they think of you.

The challenge for many business owners is that finding and posting the right content takes too much time – time better spent elsewhere in the business. Hiring an agency or social media manager for bespoke services can feel too costly.

I’m here to help so you can forget those challenges ever existed. 

For £99 per month, I will supply you with 35 pieces of relevant content to business owners in the mental wellbeing and coaching industries. You choose which fits your business better - the content for life coaches or the content for business coaches.  All are handpicked and written by me and I’ll schedule them all for you, saving you even more time. 

All you need to do is check in to the accounts each day to engage with those who leave comments or share the posts to nurture your clients and clients-to-be.  

How it works

Sometimes great things really do come in small packages. Here's what you get for £99 each month

  • Every month, you get a selection of 35 links to wellbeing content from around the globe together with ready-written posts. Both content and posts are aimed at an audience comprising people who are thinking about hiring a coach/counsellor as well as those who are existing clients.

  • Edit the posts to suit your audience, delete any pieces of content that don't fit your market or keep them all unchanged – your choice. Let me know which of your social media accounts are to be used for the content.

  • I upload it all for you (I’ll need access to your social media scheduler with a bulk upload function) and I schedule it for the month ahead, giving you weeks of great posts that raise the profile of your business with minimum hassle.

How will this help my business?

  • Sixty Second Social gives you a backbone of curated content for your social media accounts

  • You add in your promotional content to make your social media unique to your business

  • You engage - retweeting and sharing other people's content - for a few minutes each day, which adds another layer of difference and interest to your social media.

A combination of these three factors will ensure you have social media that works for your wellbeing business.  


Schedule a month's worth of social media content for me

About Julie

My background is in journalism - I have written for a variety of publications including BBC business and The Times - so I have an eye for a good story that meets readers' needs and catches their interest. I write posts that can be easily understood when skim read. I have also worked in PR and helped clients in the wellbeing and coaching space find success on social media for nearly five years. Some of my results include: 

  • A two-month campaign on Twitter saw a 27,500% rise in link clicks
  • Twitter impressions shot from 0 to 137,400 in the first two months of starting the account from scratch 
  • A three-month campaign on Facebook saw the reach increased by 2,860%
  • Increased post clicks by 568% in three months on Facebook
  • Grew followers on a LinkedIn company page by 379% in a year and by 1,867% in two and a half years
  • A three-month campaign on LinkedIn saw an 8,000% rise in shared posts and 1,350% rise in comments


  • How does it work?

    Every month, you receive a handpicked selection of links to relevant content from around the globe. The links are accompanied by posts that you can tailor to your business, if you wish. Choose one of the three scheduling tools I recommend, and I will upload and schedule the content for the month on your behalf.

  • Do I need to use all the posts?

    No, choose the ones that speak to your specific audience, and delete or edit the others. I guide you through this with quick and easy videos to show you how to do it.

  • Do I need to use a social media scheduling tool?

    Yes. For me to bulk upload on your behalf, I need access to your social media scheduling tool. I show you the recommended tools, chosen for their low cost and effectiveness to make it as simple as possible.

  • I’m not tech-savvy. Is it hard to do?

    This is the easiest of all packages on offer. I show you exactly how to edit and delete posts in quick and easy-to-follow videos. Or you can forego that stage and I upload them all.

  • If I use this service, won’t I have the same social media content as a lot of other coaches?

    No. I show you how to shuffle the content so it will be going out on different days and times. Plus you choose the posts that work for your audience and edit any that you wish to change. You also mix the Sixty Second Social posts with your promotional content - such as memes and testimonials - and engage with others on a regular basis by retweeting, liking and commenting on their content. The result is a unique, professionally curated social media feed that's yours and yours alone.

  • Am I tied in for a certain length of time?

    No. Your subscription is monthly and you can cancel it at any time.

  • How long does it take each month?

    In this package, it only takes as long as you want to spend editing the content - that could be 15 minutes or 15 seconds.

  • Is it just for Twitter?

    No, you can use it on any social media platform. But as Twitter is more fast-moving, it's recommended that you post more often than you would on other social media networks - and that means you need more posts. Curated content helps you boost the number of tweets whilst also adding value to your audience, making Sixty Second Social a perfect match for your business.

  • How is this different from a social media manager?

    It's the same in so far as a social media manager will also find you content. But many solopreneurs and microbusinesses find it hard to justify the spend on a social media manager. This gives you professional post writing without the price tag - and you are in control of your own accounts.


It's made a massive difference in a short space of time

Rebecca Batstone, Space & Clarity

Wow, this is amazing! I am so happy and grateful to you for explaining everything so well, especially as I'm a tech numpty. Before I started with Sixty Second Social, my posts were infrequent and my interactions limited - it's made a massive difference in a short space of time. The best bit is that social media takes less of my time and is one less thing to worry about.

I saw an immediate surge in views and engagement

Aran Dadswell, founder of MindTheFullness

In no time Julie became my voice on social media, consistently curating interesting and useful articles and posts that were highly relevant to my business which led to an immediate surge in views and engagement with prospective clients and old contacts alike. Julie's services were a sound and wise investment for my business.

Multiple leads & global opportunities

Sam Fuller, managing director & founder of The Wellbeing Project (Europe) Ltd

Julie has made a considerable impact to the visibility and reputation of our business through her hard work, sharp perception and research finding the right articles or material to post on our behalf. This high standard is consistent throughout all the social media platforms she works on and has generated multiple leads and global opportunities for us.

Julie understands our target audience

Anna Vorster, director, Drive UK Consulting

Julie does a fantastic job managing our social media content. She seeks to understand our organisational strategy and our target audience and suggests articles and thought pieces which are both relevant and timely. She provides us with a comprehensive set of measures each month with valuable advice on how to maximise our exposure. We would fully recommend her.

I'd recommend Julie to any business

Sam Fuller, founder of WRAW Index

I know I can set up a campaign with Julie and leave it in her safe and capable hands and reap the rewards fairly soon afterwards. I’d recommend her to any business who is looking to build and sustain a social network in an area that often isn’t straightforward or easy to get right.

Is this service for you?

This service is perfect for you if: 

  • you work as a coach, counsellor, therapist, wellbeing practitioner, trainer or working in another role in the mental wellbeing field with individuals or companies
  • you are a microbusiness or sole trader who is doing their own social media 
  • you find sourcing the right content and writing posts for social media takes too much time and you want to streamline your efforts 
  • you want the maximum return on investment on your budget and time

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I want 35 pieces of social media content written and posted for me each month for just £99

Social media content that works for your business

You want as many of your prospective clients to see your social media and that means posting relevant content of interest to your audience.  

Are you looking for results like these? 

Sixty Second Social will help you get there. 

Why join now?

Coaching and mental health support has never been more needed BUT it’s also very difficult for micro-businesses – and indeed all businesses – to survive in these difficult times. 

Businesses need to make decisions about where they spend their limited budget.  

This is one way of ensuring your social media platforms are filled with relevant content at a very cost-effective price without compromising on quality. 

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